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We dive deep into the mysterious subject of migraine disease.  Hear from physicians who specialize in migraine disease as well as patients, scientists, researchers, and advocates. Each will share their unique shade of migraine.
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Nov 8, 2017

Katie Golden talks about the evolution of her migraine disease from the first episodic attack as a 5 year old child through the diagnosis of chronic migraine in adulthood. She talks about her aura, the definition of chronic migraine and some of the ways she manages her life as a person with chronic migraine disease. She also explains the analogy she uses to describe living with migraine to those who have never experienced it. Katie's significant other also joins the interview to give his perspective on being her main caregiver, including his tips on dealing with caregiver fatigue.

Katie is a self-titled professional patient, as well as migraine and pain blogger, writer, patient advocate, speaker and ambassador. 

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